Which royals will Queen Elizabeth be buried next to?

After 11 days of official mourning, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, will take place on Monday. As The New York Times reported, her coffin will leave Westminster Hall, where she was laid in state for a public procession between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square along The Mall. From there, he will be taken to Windsor Castle, the place of his burial.

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, part of St George’s Chapel, per Town & Country. She will be buried with her parents, King George VI, who died in 1952 aged 56, and Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who died aged 101 in 2002. She will also be with the ashes of her younger sister, Princess Margaret . , who died in 2002 at age 71, via National World.

Queen Elizabeth II’s late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died in 2021 and his coffin was placed in the Royal Vault of St George’s Chapel. The National Post explained: “Under burial protocols drawn up decades in advance, the plan was still to bury Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip together. And whoever died first would have their coffin temporarily stored in the rarely seen Royal Vault.” He will be moved to join the Queen some time after her burial.

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