Village Family Service Center plans new topics for ‘Business Bite’ series – Grand Forks Herald

FARGO, ND • The Village Family Service Center will welcome three new subjects in the coming months for its “The Business Bite” series.

The Village’s Employee Assistance Program trainer, Tanya Fraizer, will host three free webinars this spring on topics dealing with substance abuse, physical activity in the workplace and caring for aging parents.

Webinars are scheduled from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. one Wednesday per month in April, May and June.

Registration for each is available at


• Substance Abuse and its Impact in the Workplace, April 13, explores the effects of substance abuse on organizations and co-workers.

• Let’s go! Physical Activity in the Workday, May 11, teaches participants how to break the cycle of sitting and become more aware of office ergonomics.

• Navigating Work Balance and Caring for Aging Parents, June 8, offers guidance for employees coping with this physically and emotionally demanding chapter of life, and for their organizations.

These webinars are part of The Business Bite, an ongoing series of lunchtime online trainings hosted by The Village Business Institute. Previous episodes of The Business Bite can be viewed at


The Village Business Institute is a program of the Village Family Service Center, which strengthens children and families in Minnesota and North Dakota through behavioral health services. These include mental health counseling, in-home family therapy, financial counseling, the Village EAP and more. For more information, visit


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