Vandals destroy the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – Investigators say the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center was burgled twice on Sunday.

Once by a group of people around 4pm, then another group came around 8pm

“There’s glass everywhere because of the glass panels they broke in the doors,” says Debbie Geiger, site manager at ASFSC. “There is food being trampled all over the carpets and floors.”

Several parts are badly damaged.

“You name it, they hit it,” Geiger says. “They… ruined everything. »

In addition to broken computers, windows and doors, fire extinguishers were lit in two separate spaces.

Geiger continues, “Literally, it looks like it’s been snowing there right now because it’s just everywhere.”

CCTV recorded not only actions on tape, but also words.

“One of the comments we heard on the video was ‘oh, we’ve got quite a playground to work with’ and they were laughing throughout everything they were doing,” says Geiger.

Investigators have reason to believe the suspects are minors to young adults.

“It’s very upsetting to know what these individuals are responsible for doing,” said Dothan Police Department criminal investigator Lt. Ronald Hall. “This company occupies four different organizations to be exact, and every organization inside this building has been devastated by this vandalism that has occurred.”

The damage is not only devastating, but inconvenient.

“We can’t even function during our normal day because we don’t even know what is still usable,” says Geiger.

Deliberately destroying as much property as possible of an organization that strives to better the community.

“Being hit like that…it really hurts,” Geiger finished. “We would like to see them held accountable.”

The several unidentified suspects will face a felony charge of burglary for an unoccupied business.

Investigators have many surveillance videos to sift through, but they will release photos to the public as soon as possible.

ASFSC will remain closed until further notice.

If you have information, you are invited to contact DPD or Crime Stoppers, you can remain anonymous.

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