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MELROSE (CBS) — From Duxbury Middle School to Melrose High, Ukrainian students are trying to focus on their studies while their hearts are with their families in Ukraine.

Second-year student Maksym Boyko says his grandmother lives in Kyiv. “My grandmother, she is now currently in the air-raid shelter in Kyiv. I’m scared for her because she’s 73, so it’s very difficult for her to live in such conditions now,” Boyko said.

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The family actually lost contact with her a few days ago, but Maksym says it’s still important for him to come to school ready to learn. “Her neighbors told us she was safe in the bomb shelter right now,” Boyko said. “Of course I’m worried. I try to stay focused in school and always keep an eye on the news.

Sophia Bethoney, an 8th grader at Duxbury, also has family in Ukraine. His mother, Olena, was born in the Soviet Union but moved to Ukraine when she was three years old. “Honestly, it’s incredibly difficult. I just try to create weekly schedules to stay focused on the task, but it’s just hard,” she said.

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So many Ukrainian students here in Massachusetts are not just watching this crisis unfold, but taking action. Make their voices heard and fundraise. “We plan to sell these wristbands for $5 each,” Boyko said.

With the help of his history teacher, Maksym is about to launch his first high school fundraiser for Ukrainian refugee children. He hopes everyone will participate and last weekend he and his family gave a presentation on the Russian-Ukrainian war at Melrose Town Hall. “I am supported by the students. I feel like even though I’m in the United States, maybe I’m doing a little bit but it’s still a contribution to my country,” he said.

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Ukrainian students focus on their grades, but also do all they can for their loved ones on the other side of the world. “Stay strong, be a voice and Glory to Ukraine”, shouts Sophia.

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