Three Counties Show reunites long-lost family members

Jean Shaw, 88, said she was over the moon when she spotted her nephew Don Styler in the Malvern Gazette.

Artist Don Styler attended the Tri-County Show on Friday, June 17 and showcased his works throughout the day.

The Malvern Gazette attended the event and prepared a broadcast of images for the newspaper.

Ms Shaw, of Brackenhursts in Malvern, spotted a photo of Mr Styler on page six of the newspaper and contacted the newspaper.

Don Styler at the Three Counties Show

Jean Shaw says she lost contact with her nephew because family members moved across the country and lost touch.

Worcester News: Don Styler at the Three Counties ShowDon Styler at the Three Counties Show

Ms Shaw said: “I was so upset because I hadn’t seen him since he was a teenager. It was lovely, he phoned me and he comes to see me.

“I was really glad to have opened the diary and seen him. His mother would have been so proud of him.

“When I saw the name, I called the newspaper, then they gave my number and he came to see me.

“I can take him out to eat and get to know him again.

“He was a lovely little boy, I come from a big family and my mum and dad had 12 kids.

“I’m the only one left in the family out of 12.

“I was over the moon to think that someone is still alive in my family.

“I haven’t seen him for a very long time.

“I can’t remember for how long, but it’s been a pleasure to reconnect.

Don Styler called his aunt on Monday (June 29) and said he was happy to be reunited after “a long time”.

Worcester News: Tri Counties Show in MalvernThree Counties Show in Malvern

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The couple plan to meet for a meal and get to know each other again.

In addition to bringing family members together, Three Counties Show is best known for its quirky animal shows, innovative booths and live music.

More than 85,000 people attended the prestigious Three Counties Show and organizers described it as a ‘comeback like no other’.

Worcester News: Angus Swift, 9 Jessica Smith, 5 and Harry Clare, 6Angus Swift, 9 Jessica Smith, 5 and Harry Clare, 6

After three years of lockdown restrictions, the Three Counties Showground welcomed thousands of visitors from Friday June 17 to Sunday June 19.

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