Thieves ransack home after four family members die in DUI crash

Thieves ransacked the house of a California family after the parents and two of their three children were killed when a man reversed course on the freeway and crashed into them in an alleged impaired driving incident.

Parents Antonio and Brittney Montano, both 29, were killed in the crash along with their nine-year-old daughter Marianna and five-year-old son Antonio Jr. Their four-year-old son Julian is expected to make a full recovery after suffering from head trauma and multiple fractures. Fox 40 in Sacramento reported that his aunt and uncle are considering adopting the boy.

Family members were killed around 5 a.m. Nov. 20 on Interstate 80 in Nevada County. They were on their way to the Grand Canyon for a Thanksgiving vacation, according to a GoFundMe Fundraising started by Mrs. Montano’s brother.

The alleged intoxicated driver was on probation following a previous DUI, local media reported.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the family’s home in North Highlands, outside the California capital of Sacramento, had been broken into and many of their belongings were stolen.

“This family has suffered unimaginable loss,” said family lawyer Chelsea Monahan said Fox 40.

The suspect in the crash has been identified as 32-year-old Michael Scott Kelley. Fox 2 reported that he had previously been arrested for drunk driving and was on probation.

According to the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office in California, Kelley faces four counts of murder and manslaughter while intoxicated.

KCRA reported that probation prompted the murder charges. Kelley remained in hospital after being injured in the crash.

Four California family members die in suspected DUI crash

(GoFundMe / Remembering the Montanos)

Neighbors told Fox 40 that they think the burglars entered the Montano’s house on Tuesday from the backyard.

“The Montanos were once again the victims of an alleged break-in and theft at Julian’s family home, adding further insult to the immense suffering the family is already enduring,” Ms. Monahan said. said Fox 40.

The GoFundMe set up by relatives of the family had raised Thursday nearly $ 110,000 – beyond the goal of $ 30,000.

Julian’s uncle Anthony Gonzalez, Mrs Montano’s brother and the fundraiser organizer, written on the page November 30: “We are very grateful to everyone who made a donation and felt inclined to help our family during this time. Julian’s family home was robbed, which is under investigation, but we were able to collect his favorite toys and clothes Julian is recovering wonderfully and he is such a strong little boy.

“We want to have the four of them buried so that Julian can visit his family when he wants, when he wants,” Mr Gonzalez said. KCRA. “I’ll take it because they were taken away too early.”

“We’re going to do this one step at a time. We’re going to put him in therapy, and we’re all going to go through this together, ”he said. declared at the exit.

California Highway Police said the driver of a third vehicle involved in the crash sustained moderate injuries.

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