The share of men in family planning increases slightly | Jaipur News

Jaipur: The National Family Health Survey 5 (NFHS-5) shows that men’s contribution to permanent family planning in the state has increased slightly from 0.2% to 0.3% over the past five last years.
This is very little compared to women adopting permanent methods of family planning, known as female sterilization, which rose from 40.7% to 42.4% in five years.
Recognizing that male participation is expected to increase, the health department is also making efforts to encourage male adoption of the permanent family planning method. “We encourage men to adopt sterilization, but there are myths that explain why men do not adopt the permanent family planning method,” said Dr. KL Meena, Director, Family Planning, Department of Health.
According to the officials, while permanent methods of contraception have traditionally found more acceptance, the maximum number of acceptors are women, which is why female sterilization rose from 40.7% to 42.4% in five years.
The Department of Health encourages men’s involvement in family planning by developing practical strategies to understand and integrate the male perspective and needs in the same way that attention is given to women’s perspectives and needs.
Officials said that through sustained family planning efforts, the health department aims to increase men’s participation in family planning, with a focus on assured service delivery, demand generation and reduction of supply gaps.
The state government observes “Vasectomy Fortnight” in November each year to raise awareness of male involvement and the promotion of male sterilization, while dramatically increasing compensation for male sterilization in the framework of the enhanced compensation scheme for sterilization.

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