02, Dec, 2020
The Most common excuses for not acquiring cancer insurance

The Most common excuses for not acquiring cancer insurance

The most effective way to prepare for the possible occurrence of a disease such as cancer is through cancer insurance. Although many people think that they are not useful, the truth is that all their components make them the best way to protect and protect their family from such an unfortunate situation.

The types of cancer are many and every year they destroy more than 19 thousand lives, only in Peru, so protecting yourself is no longer an option, to become a necessity. However, a large part of Peruvians still refuse to pay attention to this problem, and downplay this type of insurance. Why do they do it? These are the
most common excuses when it comes to cancer insurance:

“They are very expensive”

"They are very expensive"

The main excuse has to do with the cost of insurance. People have in mind that these types of products are very expensive and that they will take a large part of their budget, when the truth is that it is possible to insure someone with s / .20 per month. Although prices will vary depending on the type of policy, age, among other factors, what should be remembered is that it is 100% of an investment.

“They don’t cover many things”

“They donThere are more limited policies than others, but they all cover the treatments, surgeries and medicines necessary for the patient. Even many of them include obtaining diagnoses abroad, among other benefits, so you only need to pay attention to what they offer to convince you that what you need will be included.

“If it is my turn, I can pay for the treatment”

"If it is my turn, I can pay for the treatment"

Many believe that cancer in itself does not represent an emergency, and that if it happens, they will be able to take on the treatment. The truth is that the average cost is 150 thousand soles, a figure that not many families can afford and that undoubtedly destabilizes anyone’s budget.

By getting insurance you are investing not only in your well being but in your peace of mind. In addition, the early detection of the disease increases the chances of overcoming the disease by 95%, for which the insurance provides annual preventive checks.

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