The local family service benefits from MCC Days


MCC days are held today and the Family Resource Center is showcased.

Family Resource Center Executive Director Melissa Morrison explains how you can help the center.

“Today we are in partnership with the Portage MCC thrift store and furniture store and we are participating in fundraising days this year,” said Morrison. “A portion of today’s sales proceeds will be donated to help us deliver more programs for free to families in our community.

She noted that Center staff will be present and that a display will show their efforts in the stores, with some brochures providing information about the Center.

“People are curious about what we’re doing and you see a clerk or two in the stores helping out and in our Family Resource blue shirts today,” adds Morrison. “If people have donations that they want to drop off, and they can tag them specifically for the Family Resource Center event, and they’ll be pulling them out as soon as they can this week. go out and shop. “

Morrison says if you want to learn more about the Family Resource Center and what they do, you can check out their website

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