The complete family Yorkshire Three Peaks in honor of family members lost to bowel cancer

A team of 28 STRONG battled the heat earlier this month as they took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks in memory of loved ones lost to bowel cancer.

Following the April death of Darren Mason, 40, from bowel cancer, the grueling challenge was held in his memory on Saturday 16 July.

Darren, from Earlestown, is the latest family member to die from bowel cancer, caused by an inherited gene, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).

Darren with his fiancé and daughter

The condition can cause an excessive amount of cells to grow on a person’s colon, and Darren died of complications from his FAP treatment, as cancer cells had spread throughout his body.

In honor of Darren and those previously deceased from bowel cancer, the fundraiser took on extra significance as other family members also had the FAP gene, including Darren’s 11-year-old daughter. year.

St Helens Star: Chris Mason with brother Andy and sister JackieChris Mason with his brother Andy and sister Jackie

Raising money for Bowel Cancer UK to help fund research and treatment for the disease, the 28-person team raised over £7,000 for the charity.

Although only 17 managed to complete the Three Peaks, Darren’s brother Chris said “everyone did well” in memory of the father of a child.

St Helens Star: The Family's Three Peaks Challenge was in memory of Darren MasonThe family’s Three Peaks Challenge was in memory of Darren Mason

Chris said: “With the hot weather the challenge was daunting.

“But it was also very emotional because the only reason we all succeeded is because it was for Gareth.

“Her fiancé stayed on the challenge the whole way and no matter how long it took, put one foot in front of the other and carried on for him.”

St Helens Star: Darren is described as someone who had a lot "heart and courage"Darren is described as someone who had a lot of “heart and courage”

After the fundraiser in Yorkshire, the family now plans to take on other challenges to continue raising money for bowel cancer research.

Describing Darren as someone with “heart and courage”, Chris added: “We want to continue with the fundraising events as it can support research into the condition of our children.

“But I also promised my mum that I would keep Darren’s memory alive and that’s one thing I can do to make that happen.”

To continue raising funds for bowel cancer research, you can follow their fundraiser here.

St Helens Star: Challenge has raised over £7,000 for Bowel Cancer UKThe challenge has raised over £7,000 for Bowel Cancer UK

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