State Seeks Approval of Initiative to Expand Access to Family Planning Services

LANSING, Michigan — The state of Michigan announced Monday that it is seeking approval for a plan that would provide increased access to family planning services.

The “Plan First!” initiative, as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, would give 25,000 state residents free access to cancer screenings, contraception, STD/STI testing and more, according to the office of the Governor of Michigan.

We’re told the initiative would save eligible Michiganders $2,000 a year if approved.

“All women and families should have the resources they need to decide when and if they want to start a family,” Governor Whitmer said. “As some hardline politicians attempt to suppress access to reproductive health care, I will continue to work to protect and expand it. These services are essential to help people live and plan their lives, and I will continue to fight like hell for Michiganders to have reproductive freedom and quality, affordable health care.

State says Michigan women can receive low-cost or free family planning services through the state family planning program and the Healthy Michigan Plan, but 25,000 residents are unqualified.

If approved, the initiative would go into effect in the spring, according to the state.

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