RSS’s Mohan Bhagwat calls for value-based family system amidst hectic life

Expressing concern about the non-transition of “family values ​​and belief systems from one generation to the next in today’s fast-paced life,” Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat insisted on a “family system based on values”.

It mainly focused on strengthening the family through “values” and “beliefs” and on understanding each other’s feelings and standing up for each other in a family.

Bhagwat shared his suggestions with workers on Tuesday during a series of interactive sessions at ‘Keshav Bhawan’ – the regional headquarters of RSS located at Abhedananda Road in Manicktala in northern Kolkata.

Bhagwat is on a three-day visit to Kolkata to meet intellectuals and review the work done by the workers of six “karya vibhag” of the “Sangh” in West Bengal.

His tour of Bengal will end on Wednesday and the leader will leave for Raipur in the evening, where he has a series of meetings with RSS workers.

While addressing intellectuals and “pracharaks”, Bhagwat expressed concern over people “losing their family values ​​and missing the important part of a family”, which he said includes culture and beliefs mainly shifting from one generation to the children.

He said family members should be responsible for each other. Besides the value-based family system, Bhagwat emphasized the preservation of nature, water and food security for the poor.

He also said that people should teach children to respect those who work inside their homes like housekeepers, barbers, etc. and to communicate with them as “mashi” and “pishi” (aunt and uncle).

“We need to teach our children to respect everything around us, no matter what work they do. We should encourage children to distribute things (it can be food, clothes or any other basic necessities) to the poor / needy to make them understand the importance of humanity. We need to make them understand that things like giving food to a patient in a house first. They should understand why his father is wearing a torn shirt, but for the children he bought new school uniforms, ”Bhagwat said.

During the interactive sessions, workers were invited to work on “Samaj Prabhodan” (social awakening) programs that will “close the gap” between family members.

One of the members who was present at the seminar said, “Through ‘Samaj Prabhodan’ we will reach out to people and tell them the importance and need of a values-based family system and its drawbacks when we don’t follow our family. values.”

“We will also educate them on how a healthy family will help shape young minds and how it will keep them away from materialistic pleasures. Each family has its own story and we are not trying to fit into this space, but we will tell them why we should be responsible for each other in a family. It will help us to live full of positivity. It will also help them understand the family tree, ”he said.

The MP added that family members barely interact with each other in today’s busy life cycle, which he says is not good for society. “For a healthy society, we should have healthy families. We are going to reach out to the people of Bengal to make them understand how the little things in a family can generate a lot of happiness and bonding. It could be a game or a meal together where all family members, including grandparents, will be present, ”he said.

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