Rebuilding Title X family planning network will take time, despite actions by the Biden administration issuing new regulations and additional funding


New KFF analysis highlights state-level data on the status of the Title X family planning program on the eve of the implementation of new Biden administration regulations for the program.

To date, five states still do not have Title X clinics and seven states are still operating with less than 25% of their clinic network. Overall, 39 states have seen a decline in the number of participating clinics since 2018. The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services had issued regulations that essentially disqualified family planning clinics, such as Planned Parenthood. , who also provided abortion services from participating in the program. and prohibits clinics from offering referrals to abortion providers. These regulations have resulted in a significant reduction in the number of participating sites and the number of people served by the program.

The new Biden administration regulations also include new provisions in addition to restoring many aspects of the program that existed before the Trump administration rule. The new provisions also include telehealth as an option for providing medical services, a service option widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a focus on promoting health equity.

The final rule will take effect on November 8, 2021, and beneficiary funding is expected in spring 2022. The analysis provides additional information on new regulations and state-to-state changes in Title X clients and clinics between 2018- 2020.

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