Priyanka Gandhi meets family members of man who died in custody in Agra


Previously, she had been arrested in Lucknow by Uttar Pradesh police on her way to Agra, but was later allowed to continue.

Police cleared Priyanka Gandhi to leave and she left for Agra in the evening, Congress spokesman Anshu Awasthi said.

Lucknow police allowed four people, including UPCC chairman Ajay Kumar Lallu and senior leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam, to accompany Priyanka Gandhi, Awasthi said.

AAP chief Sanjay Singh also met with the family and said that under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh has deteriorated to a new low.

Police said the secretary general of Congress was arrested on the Lucknow-Agra highway after the Agra district magistrate asked not to allow any politicians to go there after the man’s death.

“She was neither taken into custody nor arrested. Due to the massive crowd, traffic was impeded and she was first asked to go either to the party office or to her residence but when she was not ‘disagreed, she was sent to the police lines,’ Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur said.

A congressional spokesperson had claimed that Priyanka Gandhi was arrested on her way to Agra.

When asked by reporters in Kushinagar that the congressman was prevented from coming to Agra, Adityanath said, “Law and order is supreme and no one will be allowed to play with it.

As she was taken to the police lines, Priyanka Gandhi told reporters that she would definitely be going to Agra.

A similar confrontation occurred earlier this month when Uttar Pradesh police prevented the congressional leader from visiting families of farmers killed in Lakhimpur Kheri.

She was remanded in custody for more than 48 hours before being allowed to visit families with Rahul Gandhi and other congressional leaders.

When Priyanka Gandhi was shown the message from the Agra District Magistrate, she told the police, “Do I need someone’s permission every time I leave Lucknow? Is there a problem ? Why am I not allowed to go to Agra? order problem? “Priyanka Gandhi asked the police officers who stopped her cavalcade.”

“Someone has passed away, how can that be a public order problem? Ask the DM by calling him. It’s too much that I can’t go out anywhere and have to stay confined in a house in there. hosts in Lucknow, ”she told police staff. .

Members of Congress who had attended in large numbers launched slogans against the government of Uttar Pradesh after Priyanka Gandhi was not allowed to travel to Agra.

In a Hindi tweet, the Secretary General of Congress asked if beating someone in custody to death was some kind of justice.

“The incident of Arun Valmiki’s death in custody in Agra is condemnable. On Valmiki Jayanti’s day, the government of Uttar Pradesh acted against his messages. A high-level investigation should be carried out and action taken taken against the police, and the victim and the family should be compensated, ”she said.

In another tweet after being barred from traveling to Agra, the Congress leader said: “Arun Valmiki died in custody. His family is asking for justice. I want to visit family. What is the government of Uttar Pradesh afraid of? stopped ? Today is Valmiki Jayanti, the Prime Minister has talked a lot about Buddha but attacks his messages. “

The Arun incident comes just after the death of Kanpur businessman Manish Gupta after being severely beaten by police at a hotel in Gorakhpur.

Chief Superintendent of Police (Agra) Muniraj G said Arun suddenly fell ill on Tuesday evening as a raid was underway on his home to recover the stolen money.

He was taken to a hospital where doctors declared him dead, he said.

Arun was accused of stealing the money on Saturday evening from the “malkhana” (a warehouse where items confiscated by the police are kept) “of the Jagdishpura Police Station, where he worked as a cleaner.

As a result of the theft, six police personnel, including the station attendant, were suspended by the additional director general of the Agra area police.

During the investigation, the police arrested several suspects. Arun was one of them because he had access to “malkhana”. He was arrested on Tuesday

“Police teams were questioning several suspects in connection with the theft. On Tuesday evening, Arun, who is a resident of Lohamandi, was taken into custody,” the SSP said.

“During the interrogation, Arun admitted that he had committed the theft and informed us that the stolen money was kept at his home,” he added.

Police recovered Rs 15 lakh during the raid on his home before his health deteriorated and he died.

The SSP said the body had been sent for an autopsy and appropriate action would be taken after the report was released. A complaint has been filed by Arun’s family in connection with his death, he added.

Members of the Valmiki community gathered at Arun’s home and demanded a fair investigation into his death.

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