Prioritize family planning for economic and educational progress, FG urged – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


Pathfinder International, a rights-based organization in sexual and reproductive health, called on the federal government to prioritize investments through adequate budgeting and the implementation of policies that support family planning.

He says it will contribute to effective population management, economic growth and the advancement of education in the country.

The call was launched during a 3-day orientation workshop for media professionals as part of its sustainability plan for the Advance Family Planning (AFP) project.

Its media and communications manager, Bayo Ewuola, while responding to journalists’ questions, stressed the need to support the existing population and enable families to respond adequately to the number of children they have. .

Ewuola noted that the benefits of birth spacing cannot be overstated as it means more children, especially girls, can be enrolled in school and their parents can care for them.

“Population management allows the government to take care of the existing population, also spacing the children apart, which allows parents to have time to work and take good care of their children.

“The benefits of birth spacing cannot be overstated, parents will be able to send their children to school and we will have more girls in school and more money to care for them,” he said. -he declares.

He further explained that the workshop aimed to equip journalists to face the digitization of mainstream media and ensure a stronger connection with their audiences online, in order to increase advocacy for planning. family in Nigeria.

“We want journalists to see themselves as champions of family planning who can always change the mindset about family planning because we have a lot of socio-cultural issues surrounding family planning in Nigeria.

“Journalists can use their platforms to advance these issues to dispel all the myths and misconceptions surrounding family planning, and also advocate for more budget and the release of the budget for family planning, to create visibility on the issue so that women, girls and men who need family planning services can access them, ”he explained.

“If there are no funds, there will be no purchase of family planning products and consumables from health facilities, nor will there be enough staff and the capacity of the clinic. staff will not be reinforced to provide services. This means that people will continue to give birth without any form of control, ”he added.

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