Police officer tried for planning hit on family members


She appeared in Palm Ridge High Court on September 16, facing charges of murder, attempted murder, fraud and undermining of justice.

Ndlovu was arrested in her tracks and arrested by police before the murder of six other family members could be carried out. The targeted relative lived in Bushbuckridge, Limpopo. The target victim was his sister and five children, including a baby barely one year old.

The arrangement was thwarted, however, and her sister is expected to take the witness stand to provide insight into her escape.

According to the evidence, earlier in the morning, on his way to Bushbuckridge with two hired hitmen, Ndlovu bought gasoline in a cold drink bottle. The gasoline was to be used to water her sister’s house before setting it on fire with her and her children inside.

Video recordings show Ndlovu giving the two male passengers instructions that at no time should a gun or knives be used during the attack.

In another segment of the recording, Ndlovu can be heard telling contract killers that murder involving a gun or knife is often problematic as insurance companies are reluctant to pay such compensation.

He can be heard, in the video, ordering the hitmen to burn everyone inside the house, including the baby. It is alleged that all family members had to be calmed down before the house was set on fire.

One of the contract killers went to the police and said he was hired to kill the victims. A police operation was then immediately set up, with an undercover cop posing as one of the hit men.

This ultimately led to Ndlovu’s arrest at a taxi rank in Bushbuckridge. She was about to take a cab back to Johannesburg

Ndlovu pleaded not guilty during his trial in Palm Ridge High Court.

This is an ongoing story and will be reported later.

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