Okorocha accuses injustice and failure of the family system of insecurity


Former Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has said injustice and the failure of the family system is to blame for growing insecurity in Nigeria.

He called for the involvement of women in governance and policy making so that the situation in the country is a thing of the past.

Okorocha said this when receiving an award of excellence from the United Businesswomen’s Association of Nigeria and the Diaspora.

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According to him, “A woman is a special creation of God, women are givers and keepers of life, nations who ignore their wives are seen as failing nations while nations who make good use of their wives are called developed nations.

“So if Nigeria is to rise up then we have to turn around and look at the women. If we don’t take the women with us, we’re going to be in very serious trouble ”.

He added: “If a nation is to do it right it has to start with the family, it is the bad family system that we have today that has given rise to the insurgency and other crimes in the world. country. No sane woman who has given birth to a child will allow the child to go astray.

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“The problem is, we haven’t taken care of women and we haven’t empowered women. Everything you give a woman is what you get in return.

“While we men have succeeded in dividing this country along religious and ethnic lines, women have remained a uniting force.

“Until we give the women of the house the means to give us a good family, as long as our politicians continue on the path of injustice, the insurgency and the kidnappings will never stop.”

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