NH’s family planning contracts are back before the Executive Council on Wednesday

InDepthNH.org Editor’s note: Spokesman for Governor Chris Sununu did not immediately respond when asked about the agenda item late Friday afternoon.

CONCORD- On Wednesday, December 22, contracts for family planning providers will be reviewed at the New Hampshire Executive Council meeting (#41C), including for three reproductive health providers whose contracts were rejected in September – Planned Parenthood of Northern New England; Health Center for Equality; and Lovering Health Center.

On September 15, the Executive Council voted 4 to 1 to suspend Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) and abortion providers until December 31, 2021, a contract period of six months. The December 22 vote is a contractual period for the next 18 months, from January 1, 2022 to June 31, 2023.


Trump’s Gag Rule:

  • The splitting of those contracts was because the Trump administration had previously gagged federal funds. The Biden administration officially rescinded the gag rule.
  • Most family planning providers in New Hampshire have not received federal Title X family planning funds since 2019 due to the Trump administration. gag rule. The Biden administration and New Hampshire Federal Delegation have worked for reverse this policybut federal funding won’t return to states until spring 2022 at the earliest.
  • The state budget for fiscal year 20-21 contained replacement funding to mitigate the impact of President Trump’s harmful Title X gag rulebut New Hampshire budget framers rejected efforts to add replacement funds to the current state budget.
  • There is no provision in HB2 that requires physical separation from abortion services in order to receive family planning funding. The language is clear: here is Senator Bradley’s introduction and explanation (the video starts when he starts) of this new layout, which he introduced in this amendment) within the Conference Committee. In the video, Senator Bradley says this is a ‘trust but verify’ moment that there is no mixing of funds and that it was his intention that the funds continue to flow. go to reproductive health facilities, without delay. Prior to his amendment, Rep. Jess Edwards introduced an amendment which would have required a physical and financial separation to receive state funds. However, Representative Edwards’ amendment did not pass.
  • In September, the Confirmation from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services what family planning providers have been saying all along: that no New Hampshire family planning dollars go to abortion care. DHHS has stated unequivocally, repeatedly, that the financial reviews, which took place over the summer, clearly showed that no family planning funds were used for abortion.

Impact of the NH family planning program:

  • New Hampshire has the lowest unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancyy countrywide rates and some of the best maternal health outcomes; New Hampshire’s Family Planning Program is part of the network of care that supports these positive steps.
  • During an October Executive Council discussion on family planning funding, Councilwoman Cinde Warmington and DHHS Commissioner Shibinette highlighted the fragility of New Hampshire’s positive maternal and fetal health outcomes and the impact that funding votes might have. Full transcript here.

Northern New England Parenting Planning Caregiving:

  • In 2020, nearly 10,000 Granite Staters relied on PPNNE’s five health centers for affordable, high-quality health care.
  • In November, PPNNE has been named a Guardian of Excellence Award 2021® winner through Ganey Press, the national leader in healthcare consumer and workforce engagement. Press Ganey recognizes PPNNE as one of the top performing healthcare organizations, reaching 95and percentile or higher for patient experience performance, across more than 20,000 medical practices.

Previous votes on PPNNE contracts:

  • On three occasions in recent years (2011 and 2015 and 2021), care at local Planned Parenthood health centers has been jeopardized when contracts have been blocked by the Executive Council and state funding has been cut. been interrupted.
  • Then Councilor Chris Sununu was the deciding vote for NPP funding in 2015.
  • Contracts were consistently approved between June 2016 and September 2021, with bipartisan support.

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