NGO partners for family planning, experts urge FG

Health experts have urged governments at the national and subnational levels to engage in private and public partnership to promote financing for family planning and integrated health services as a model for revitalizing the health care delivery system from Nigeria.

Experts revealed this at the 38th Annual Scientific Conference organized by the Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The National Vice President of the Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria, Sunday Aderibigbe, noted that the percentage of the national budget spent on health was low compared to the declining health indices of the population.

He said: “As part of the mandate of the association of public health physicians, we are involved in all aspects of health financing, health promotion and health prevention.

“We believe that health financing is an integral part of this conference to raise awareness among policy makers on what they can do to ensure that health financing is increased in this country so that the health indices of our people could be better off. .”

Also speaking at the conference on Wednesday, the Director of the Program Coordination Department of the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria, Emily Olalere, said the government had clearly stated the need to engage the private sector and this is why the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria got involved in repositioning the vendors of patient medicines in the country.

She said that the PCN aims to improve vendor service delivery through training.

Olalere added: “During this training, a lot of things are going to be done. We will train them on regulatory practices.

“We will train them on how to identify common illnesses in the community, how to use rapid diagnostic tests to identify childhood illnesses, even COVID-19, capacity development.

“They will be able to provide family planning, family planning space, injectables and implants.”

She said the Federal Ministry of Health has also adopted a task shifting policy to ensure that services that should be provided by the private sector to include reproductive and family planning, HIV services, HIV services tuberculosis, maternal and child health will be provided.

She added, “The Federal Ministry of Health has planned that if these people are to provide these services, their capacity must be enhanced.”

Olalere said the NCP has a partnership with NGOs and other implementing partners that help build their capacity for effective delivery services.

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