NGO advocates for increased funding and policy implementation for family planning services



As Nigeria pledges to increase its modern contraceptive prevalence (CPR) rate to 27% by 2030, Pathfinder International has called for more results, budget and policy implementation for family planning services .

The organization launched the appeal during an orientation workshop with national media partners on advanced family planning in Lafia, Nasarawa state.

Speaking at the workshop, Media and Communications Officer, Pathfinder International, Bayo Ewuola, said: “It is important that the government prioritizes family planning services by budgeting, freeing up these budgets and by implementing policies of need for family planning services will have access to these services.

“If there are not enough funds, the first thing that happens is that there will be no opportunity to purchase family planning products and consumables from health facilities and staff capacity. will not be strengthened to be able to provide family planning services, ”he said. added.

Speaking about the benefits of birth spacing, Ewuola noted that the practice supports economic growth and educational advancement for boys and girls.

“With birth spacing, parents will be able to send their children to school and also have more money to care for their children,” said Ewuola.

On advancing modern contraceptive services and improving CPR, Ewuola said, “We support states in disseminating self-care injection guidelines for DMPA-SC. The guidelines will enable women of childbearing age to have access to more contraceptive services in the comfort of their homes.

“It also means that health service providers have more time to rest, because when they access health services for the first time, you can give them more contraceptives and injections to use during pregnancy. next three quarters. “


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