New Hampshire council rejects ‘family planning’ contract with abortion providers

On July 27, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted to reject “family planning” contracts. with Equality Health Center, Lovering Health Center and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, all of which perform abortions. Federal funds, intended for treatment of sexually transmitted infections, cancer screening and contraception, have been denied for the fourth time since September 2021.

New Hampshire and Massachusetts are the only remaining states that still have an elected Governor’s Council or Executive Council. This council, popular in colonial times, has the power to approve or reject pardons, state contracts and appointments.

According to New Hampshire BulletinRepublican Governor Chris Sununu, who disagreed with the Board’s decision, said: “I keep bringing (the contracts) back…but I think they’ve made it clear that whatever the time, whatever no matter what we put into it, no matter what explanations we give and understanding that we’ve kind of pushed to them, they’re not really willing to move on.

The refused contracts totaled $1 million for the three abortion facilities, including more than $300,000 for Planned Parenthood. Councilors Janet Stevens, David Wheeler, Ted Gatsas and Joe Kenney rejected the contracts. They have previously refused to give federal money to facilities that offer abortions.

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Planned parenthood complaints the federal funding it receives does not go to abortion and says that by withholding funds for contraception, STI treatment and cancer screenings, counselors are harming the 17 million women living in the State. However, according to a 2021 report, only 3.3% of women of childbearing age visit Planned Parenthood for services.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s assertion, contracts have been approved for four other providers who provide low-cost health care to New Hampshire women, including Coos County Family Health Services in Berlin, Lamprey Health Care in Newmarket, Amoskeag Health in Manchester and CAP Belknap-Merrimack. in Laconia.

Dave Wheeler, an executive adviser, disputed Planned Parenthood’s assertion that funding funneled to abortion providers would not be used for abortion. “(The) establishments that wanted this money failed to meet the legal requirements to prove that there would be no commingling of the funds with the abortion business they are in,” Wheeler said. “I don’t accept that the money isn’t being mixed up by the abortion providers, Planned Parenthood, Lovering and – I certainly believe it’s subsidizing the abortion industry.”

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts called the Executive Council votes “a gradual but significant victory in the fight to uphold the sanctity of innocent human life in the Granite State”.

Director CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League said, “Every day that taxpayers are freed from the yoke of subsidizing Planned Parenthood is a good day for life, liberty and moral reason. It certainly took courage for the four councilors to challenge the leader of their own party…and they are to be commended for that.

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