Margrethe’s decision hurts family members

The Queen of Denmark “, Margrethe apologized for her work, due to her decision, the other members of her family became angry and in a rather tense mood. The decision is to strip four of her grandchildren of their royal titles, but refused to change her mind in the present day.

Inside the palace last week, the Queen announced that the four children, Prince Joachim, who was actually Queen Margrethe’s youngest son, would no longer be called Prince or Princess but rather Count or Countess of Monpezat – the birth title of her late husband, Prince Henrik, born in France.

“I had made all the decisions on behalf of the country as queen, including mother and grandmother angles too. I ruled out the situation of my future family life and also ruled out the condition of how much my youngest son and his The family feels affected by the decision of mine. It creates great confusion and it is also a matter of great impression in the country and for that I am extremely sorry. Margrethe, the 82-year-old Queen , said this in a statement released by the royal household itself.

Europe’s longest-reigning monarch since the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, and also said in a statement that she was looking at “adjustments”, as an essential continuation of the monarchy.

Queen Margrethe’s change in judgment affects Joachim’s four children: Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Just an hour after the judgment became apparent to everyone, a visibly moved Joachim told the reputable daily Ekstra Bladet that the whole family was “deeply saddened” by this kind of decision by the Queen.

Biography of Joachim:

Joachim, a 53-year-old, said, “It’s not a thing to gossip and it’s not a matter of having fun either. Nor is there any justification for treating sons in such a bad way. Due to the decision, not all of the children in the family are able to understand what is really going on inside the palace for them. Following such a decision, what should be the outcome of the relationship between a mother and her daughter? This seems to raise questions in front of us. In this issue, Joachim replied that “I don’t want to explore the thing here and also this is not the place to discuss the matter”.

Joachim’s first wife, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, mother of Nikolai and Felix, said “they were equally confused and saddened by the decision”. All children feel very ostracized. They are in a situation where they are unable to understand why their identity is trying to be taken away from them,” she said.

The marriage between Joachim and Princess Marie took place in 2008. Princess Marie was also the mother of Henrik and Athena. The Queen’s youngest son, who has been a defense attaché at the Danish embassy in Paris since September 2020, said he was given five days’ notice before the change. He claimed that in May he was presented with a plan that would have removed the children’s titles when they turned 25.

Decisions of Queen Margrethe:

Margrethe’s decision was consistent with that of other royal houses in recent years. Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf announced in 2019 that his grandchildren Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip, the offspring of his youngest children, would lose their royal titles. Crown Princess Victoria, his eldest daughter, is heir to the throne, followed by his children. They will retain their titles.

The country, Denmark, itself has a monarchy which is constitutionally accepted in their country. To praise the throne is Crown Prince Frederik. In the race for the throne would be his eldest son, Prince Christian, and also in the next line was followed by Frederik’s three youngest children.

Margrethe, the 82-year-old queen became queen after the death of her father, King Frederik IX, in 1972.

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