Mandatory family planning for maternal and child health

Punjab’s Minister for People’s Welfare Col. (Ret’d) Hashim Dogar said keeping a gap between childbirth through family planning is mandatory for the health of mother and child. ‘child.

He was speaking at an event organized by the population council on the theme “Testing an innovative model to improve access to family planning services for marginalized people in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab”.

Entitled “Karain ge Zindagi Asian”, the voucher program was designed to provide free FP services and reimbursement of transportation costs to poor women reaching and returning to an appropriate facility in their area. The innovation in the model was its reliance on mobile technology for data exchange and transactions. A special mobile application was used by service providers to register beneficiaries. Overall, the voucher system served 21,165 BISP beneficiaries in RY Khan. As a result, a 6% increase in the contraceptive prevalence rate was recorded, the unmet need for modern contraception decreased from 10.7 to 6.5%.

Addressing the attendees, Col. (Ret’d) Hashim Dogar said various programs like this voucher system have been launched over the past three years. A pilot project involving Ulama and Khateebs to influence people on birth spacing.

He said that in the first phase, this project was introduced in 10 districts of Punjab and is strictly monitored. Today, if we do not play our part in curbing this demographic growth, then we will be responsible to our next generations, he added.

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