Man loses 6 family members in crash on N4 near Elandshoek

A man is the sole survivor of an accident that claimed the lives of six members of his family; his wife, children and grandchildren included.
Those who died ranged in age from two to 50, confirmed Moeti Mmusi, spokesperson for the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison.

The family were traveling from a wedding in Komatipoort on their way home to Tembisa when the accident happened on the N4 near Elandshoek on Saturday November 5.
According to Mmusi, the family car, a Mercedes-Benz sedan, had been swept aside by an articulated truck.
All the occupants of the car, with the exception of the driver, Francisco Julioa Ntimane, died instantly.

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Emer-G-Med responded to the crash and said its crews faced absolute carnage at the scene.
“The Mercedes-Benz was lying in pieces on the road. Extensive damage to the vehicle caused it to burst into flames shortly after impact. However, quick action by the fire services put out the fire and Ntimane, who was trapped in the wreckage, was extracted using the Jaws of Life.
He suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to Rob Ferreira Hospital.

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The emergency service said eyewitnesses said the sedan attempted to pass another vehicle, heading into oncoming traffic. The driver of the truck tried to avoid the collision, but was unable to. He was unharmed.
“The cause of the collision has not yet been established, but an investigation is already underway,” the department said.
A family friend, who was with Ntimane in hospital, said that although in critical condition, Ntimane was doing better, but was unable to speak to Lowvelder himself.
He is currently awaiting surgery for injuries sustained to his head, legs and chest.
The friend said they plan to hold a mass funeral for the deceased this weekend, however, it is uncertain whether Ntimane will pull through due to his condition. Three pedestrians were slightly injured due to the crash as they were struck by debris from the vehicles involved. Another car, parked on the side of the road, was slightly damaged.

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