Man divides opinion after refusing to pay for family members’ flight – opting to upgrade to first class instead

A MAN has sparked a heated response after revealing he wants to upgrade himself rather than pay for a family member’s ticket.

In a post on Reddit, the engineer explained that since his job required him to travel by plane all over the United States, he racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles.


A Reddit user has revealed how he plans to upgrade himself to first class rather than pay for a family member’s airfareCredit: Getty

The poster shared, “Due to the number of flights I have flown in the past two years, I have enough air miles through a popular airline where I could get a free first class return ticket to Europe.

“We are planning a family vacation there next summer. Normally prices are $3,000 which is a lot of money for a flight.

“I told my mom, my mom’s friend and my brother about it and they basically told me that I should use the miles to get one of them the free ticket, and expressed that I should pay for my ticket because I ‘make more money than all of them’.”

He explained that he refused, prompting them to call him “extremely selfish” and insist that “if the shoe was on the other foot” they would “happily” use their miles for him.

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Continuing, the man said: “Although I am paid well for my work, I think it is a little out of place. I have worked very hard for these miles. I was away from home for d countless weeks of work.

“I really don’t think using my hard-earned miles for myself is selfish at all. The job I’ve chosen has its perks, and one of them is free plane tickets to occasion. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

He then asked members of the site if he was being unreasonable, which drew strong reactions.

One person wrote, “YOU earned those frequent flyer miles. YOU are the one who has been away from home all this time. It was YOU who made the sacrifices for this. THEY are the selfish ones.

“Forget family vacations. Go with someone who doesn’t try to lick you.

But many insisted he shouldn’t have opened up so much about the benefits of working with his family.

One noted, “I hope you learned from this mistake; do not discuss the details of your (relative) wealth with others. Also, don’t let others tell you how to spend your money or use things of great value.

Another added: “In my family we tell jokes like that (you have very expensive wine from work??? why don’t you give it to me??) but we don’t really mean it.

“You shared something nice with them and they tried to steal it from you, I will be very sad about that. From now on, I will think carefully about what to share with them, so as not to cause any problems family.”

This isn’t the first time people have disagreed over flight etiquette.

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The comments in favor of the engineer were overwhelming


The comments in favor of the engineer were overwhelmingCredit: Getty

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