Local farm owners lose everything in fire, three family members jump out of window to survive

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – The family behind a popular Virginia farmhouse lost everything after their Westmoreland County home burned down on Tuesday morning.

Crazy Farms in Richmond County are regulars at several local markets, including the Carytown Farmers Market and the West End Farmers Market.

Victor Izaguirre, the son of the farm owners, described the moments of pure panic that led him and four other family members to escape the horrific blaze in an interview with 8News.

“Just a little traumatized, but we’re fine,” said Izaguirre.

Izaguirre said his son had just finished watching a movie when they heard the Chihuahua bark downstairs.

“By the time he came to see what it was, smoke and fire were already coming through the laundry room door,” he said.

Victor said his mother, Gregoria Izaguirre, jumped out of the second story window and the family then dragged her to the sidewalk away from the flames.

“As we try to get out the window, I’m on 911 because we’re panicking,” Izaguirre said.

He added that two fire departments, one from Westmoreland County and one from The Hague, responded after the family pulled his mother away from the flames. Gregoria Izaguirre is in hospital with ankle and possibly spinal injuries. Victor said she could be released on Wednesday or over the next few days.

On the second floor, Victor had to make the same split-second decision as his mother.

“The smoke and fire were so high that we had to jump out the back of the house through the two-story windows,” he said.

The decision saved her life and that of her 14-year-old son Christian. “My son and I jumped from the second floor to this corner,” he said.

Victor’s father, Sergio Izaguirre, Sr., and his sister, Claudia Izaguirre, came out of the house downstairs. The Chihuahua also made it out unharmed, but the family is still on the lookout for a second dog to care for often.

Community members have already raised a lot of money to help them rebuild. Some officials from the region’s farmers’ markets plan to visit them on Thursday to help them.

The family said they did not know what caused the fire.

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