Jewish Family Service calls High Court immigration ruling “devastating”


Laura Arroyo of Jewish Family Service meets with family members seeking asylum. Photo by Chris Stone

The Jewish Family Service of San Diego, which operates the San Diego Rapid Response Network’s migrant accommodation services, reacted on Wednesday with criticism to the Supreme Court ruling ordering President Joe Biden to comply with the policy of the former President Donald Trump “Stay in Mexico”.

“Yesterday’s refusal by the Supreme Court to block an order from a lower court, thus allowing the re-establishment of the heinous policy known as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), is devastating to the progress that has been made. made to end and legally end a cruel and inhumane program, ”said Michael Hopkins, executive director of Jewish Family Service.

He urged the Biden administration to “keep its promise to end the MPP and protect asylum seekers at our borders.”

The High Court on Tuesday rejected Biden’s offer to overturn an immigration policy implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, which required thousands of asylum seekers to remain in Mexico pending US hearings.

The San Diego nonprofit said its staff worked through Tuesday night to resettle 37 people including 16 families.

As of February 19, the Jewish Family Service said it had helped 2,730 people who had been enrolled in the MPP, as well as more than 48,000 asylum seekers through the migrant shelter services of the San Diego Rapid Response Network in Canada. over the past three years.

“The MPP has already deprived more than 70,000 vulnerable migrants of the protection they desperately seek and of access to life-saving resources and assistance in the United States, including legal aid,” noted Hopkins. “This reinstatement will force countless more people to wait in dangerous living conditions for untold amounts of time while they wait to exercise their legal and human right to seek asylum.”

“We remain optimistic and determined to create a just and humane asylum system that welcomes people fleeing persecution and coming to America in search of safety, security and a better life,” said Hopkins.

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