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Illinois College’s athletic program is in full swing this week, but only a select few will be able to see them in person. The first game of football is Thursday night against Lakeland College at 6 p.m. ET. Men’s and women’s tennis will start their home schedule on Friday, with volleyball starting their home schedule on Tuesday, September 7 against Webster University. See the schedule here.

School published the participation guidelines yesterday. According to the policy, only students, faculty, staff and family members personally invited by the athletes will be admitted to England Stadium, King Fieldhouse and Sherman Gymnasium. Student-athletes will have a limited number of designated passes to provide to family members to attend.

Acting athletic director Megan Roman said protocols were in place to protect and limit exposure to COVID-19 for the campus and its student-athletes as well as the community at large.

Those present are requested to stay away from the playing surfaces before, during and after the competitions; leave at least 2 empty seats between the domestic units and leave the site immediately at the end of the competitions. No tailgating will be allowed for any event this year. Masks are mandatory for all indoor use.

Roman says those who want to watch football always have the option to watch the games. She says that with England’s current stadium layout, fans can watch the game behind the fence along Edgehill Road and Park Street. Roman says there’s a nice berm where fans can put down blankets or set up chairs to watch games outside of the fence.

Golf, tennis and cross country fans will not be required to be on a pass list, but will be encouraged to stay in fan-only areas during competition.

Roman says the plan, like everything right now, is fluid and may change depending on how the Covid-19 pandemic turns.


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