How Family Service Center can help you have a happier, healthier vacation

Wishing you good health. As we navigate both the continuing evolution of the pandemic and move into the holiday season, wishes for good health and joy will resonate throughout our community.

But what happens when you add the word “mental” into the mix – like with mental health? It is defined as “of or relating to the spirit”, but this little word carries a lot of baggage. It can evoke light or darkness, attention or madness, calm or fear. As an organization best described as a mental health agency, that word can become a barrier to reaching those who might benefit from the services offered by FSC.

FSC: Supporting good mental health

We are a local, non-profit agency that works to help individuals and families facing relationship issues, anxiety, sadness, grief and more. FSC’s trained and caring counselors are there to help you through times that seem overwhelming or particularly difficult. We also work in the community providing group support after sudden loss, as well as education and skill-building programs designed to teach, connect and help navigate topics ranging from building resilience to COVID management in our community.

Research consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of evidence-based mental health treatments and skill building. FSC is led and supported by those who have witnessed the life changing impacts by working with trained counselors. Our staff and volunteer Board of Directors work tirelessly to raise awareness of FSC’s services and remove barriers that may prevent access.

We remove barriers with qualified and welcoming clinicians, personalized education programs, in-person or telehealth counseling options, being a network provider with many insurance companies and offering discounted rates for those who need it. need it. Even families with health insurance can incur significant costs due to high deductibles and co-payments or “off-grid” clinicians. Most FSC clients receive some type of subsidy.

Community powered, for the community

FSC can do all of this with the support and generosity of neighbors, local businesses, private foundations and grants from local government. Almost 50% of the work at FSC is funded by contributions. The more resources we have, the more help we can offer to our community. In fact, as part of our 2021 annual call (which is currently underway), we are making this community support even more tangible for our clients. We are creating a corridor of hope. Donations by the end of the year will result in a butterfly engraved on our FSC walls. This will let those who walk the halls of FSC know that they are not alone.

It’s the season of joy (and stress)

As we enter this second holiday season impacted by COVID, FSC will continue to invest the resources entrusted to us to better meet local needs. Due to the shared experience of everything remotely, more and more people are relying on online resources. Unfortunately, this has also increased the amount of misinformation, especially when dealing with mental health issues. We strive to increase access to reliable resources online and in person.

A small example is our Holiday Expectations vs. Holiday Realties, currently sent to those who subscribe to FSC (and also available on our website). Because our experienced counselors know firsthand that this time of year can be both joyful and stressful, we asked them to share their thoughts on how best to deal with some of the most common stressors while on vacation. . We hope you take a moment to learn what they said on

Thanks to many, FSC will continue to look for ways to help our community. From all of us at FSC Happy Holidays ~ I wish you a healthy season (from or in relation to all of you)!

What happens when I contact FSC?

Parents, caregivers, young adults, the elderly, local agency staff, school administrators and counselors all contact FSC when issues arise regarding support for mental and emotional well-being:

• During business hours, a welcome coordinator will speak to you to gather information that will help FSC determine the best way to help you. You can also leave a confidential message after opening hours.

• An FSC therapist will contact you and schedule an admission appointment, in a timely manner, to better understand your treatment needs and make treatment recommendations.

• FSC accepts many insurance plans. FSC will work with you to identify affordable sliding scale fees based on your demonstrated needs when insurance is not available or is not accepted by FSC.

For more details or information, call (847) 251-7350, visit or visit the new offices at 191 Waukegan Road, Suite 206, Northfield.

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