gungun: Khorkuto: Gungun meets Soujanya and other family members


In the last episode of Khorkuto, Koushik, Gungun, Soujanya and his family are on a trip. Koushik does his best to make sure that Gungun and Soujanya cannot meet.

He continues to ask Gungun for his plan for today as the latter comes out. Gungun does his best to sneak in to spend time with Soujanya. She and Koushik continue to discuss the matter in front of the driver who is surprised to see the duo arguing over a trivial matter. Interestingly, the driver works as a double agent taking money from both Kushik-Gungun and working for both.

Koushik tries to extract information from Gungun. Accidentally, Gungun knocks over the trash and mentions the place she is visiting today. She says she is going to a tourist spot. Koushik offers to accompany her while she continues to discourage him.

Koushik shares that he fears Soujanya will win her back. He talks about mutual divorce which worries Gungun.

Gungun finally manages to escape quickly and goes to the hotel where Soujanya is staying.

Meanwhile, Soujanya is angry with Koushik, he threatens to leave the place. At this point, Gungun arrives. She spills the beans and reveals how they had a good time other than Kushik’s interruption.

Soujanya denies having met Gungun in secret. Gungun says she will visit Soujanya today. The latter does not think it is a good idea.

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