Ghana’s family system strictly against homosexuality


Reverend Dr Cyril Fayose, General Secretary, Christian Council of Ghana

Same-sex unions have no place in Ghana’s family value system, the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) said.

According to the council, homosexuality was an affront to human dignity and a redefinition of the family system other than what God had planned for human beings.

“Homosexuality is not a human right and we reject it in uncertain terms as a Council.”

The Council therefore called on all Ghanaians to reject the lie perpetrated by a few in society that homosexuality is a human right and should be incorporated into the country’s family system.

“All of the ethnic groups that come together to form the nation of Ghana disapprove of same-sex unions and relationships.

“In Ghana, marriage is between a man and a woman and not between people of the same sex,” said the Council in a statement signed by Reverend Dr Cyril Fayose, secretary general of CCG and copied to the agency. Ghana press in Accra.
The Council said the Ghanaian people cannot abandon their unique family value system for the so-called human rights of the few.

“It is important to protect our family values, which are the foundation of our nation. Homosexual unions therefore have no place in our system of Ghanaian family values ​​”.

“Let’s protect the good family system that we inherited from our ancestors,” the statement added.

The CCG said, however, that it was willing to make available trained and qualified pastors and counselors from member churches to help anyone with the passion and tendencies of unnatural same-sex relationships.

“We believe that God will be able to restore such people.” The GCC will continue to pray for the good of the nation ”.

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