Ghana Health Service to integrate family planning methods into NHIS package

The Ghana Health Service intends to integrate family planning methods into the national health insurance program. The service is also working to institutionalize comprehensive abortion care in public and private institutions. These are part of the measures to prevent maternal mortality and disability in health facilities across the country.

Ghana Health Service Family Health Division Director Dr Kofi Issa at the launch of Zero Tolerance for Preventable Maternal Deaths and Disabilities in Accra, noted that most complications, including deaths recorded in health facilities, were due to unsafe abortions.

He said the earlier the role of family planning is incorporated into the country’s health system to reduce these deaths, the better.

The role of family planning in reducing preventable maternal deaths has long been identified and this justifies the new national policy to include clinical methods of family planning in the NHIS minimum benefit package for all women.

Evidence shows that almost half of pregnancies are unintended and that a significant proportion of women of childbearing age with unintended pregnancies resort to abortion. Sadly, abortion-related maternal deaths, while highly preventable, remain underreported due to the issue of stigma surrounding them.

For fear of social embarrassment or incurring enormous costs, women and girls have had to resort to unworthy abortion methods or the use of heinous substances that could either end their lives or cause them life-changing complications, including infertility and psychological trauma.

The Zero Tolerance for Maternal Death campaign under the theme Stop Preventable Maternal Deaths and Disabilities means that the Ghana Health Service is asking for your support to remove all barriers and unfair treatment that push women and girls into pregnancies. unwanted to dangerous paths that lead to their premature death.

When launching the campaign, Dr Kofi Issah noted that maternal mortality is a national priority and all efforts should be aimed at stopping it.

Ghana’s Director General of Health Services, Dr Patrick Kumah Aboagye, noted that “no woman or girl in Ghana should have to have unsafe abortion due to social stigma or financial limitations”.

He called for support to remove all forms of barriers to abortion care.

Zero Tolerance for Preventable Maternal Deaths is a year-long campaign to educate people about using family planning services and to promote the study of sexual and reproductive health rights in schools across the country.

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