Franciscan Health’s fertility center offers natural family planning


An example from the fertility clinic. (Photo provided by Franciscan Health)

The recently opened Franciscan FertilityCare Center offers assistance to couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. The Center also offers services to all women of childbearing age who suffer from infertility and / or cycle disorders.

The center, located at 610 E. Southport Rd, Indianapolis, is based on the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, a highly effective science-based natural family planning system. It is the only known approach that has a medical component known as Natural Reproductive Technology, a science of women’s health that works in conjunction with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Not only do the couple know when they are naturally fertile or infertile, but the chart also reveals abnormalities in a woman’s health, allowing her specially trained doctor to identify and treat health issues.

“With this technology, a woman’s reproductive and gynecological health can be monitored through biomarker mapping,” said Michael Padilla, DO, medical director of the Center in a press release. “Our medical team can diagnose and provide cooperative solutions for infertility and many other reproductive and gynecological problems.”

Dr. Padilla, who also practices with Franciscan Physician Network South 31 Family Care, is assisted by Marilyn Haywood, IA, who works as a FertilityCare practitioner using the Creighton model.

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