Family Service Saskatchewan website connects people to free, up-to-date counseling



Family Service Saskatchewan has launched a website providing quick access to free mental health and counseling services for people across Saskatchewan.

“I think all the uncertainty that people have gone through over the past year has created a lot of anxiety which has made a lot of problems worse for people,” said Christa Daku, President of Family Service Saskatchewan.

“Sometimes people just need to talk to someone. Just having that support and validation for what they’re going through is really, really crucial to someone’s well-being.

The service is for anyone 12 years of age and over looking for help with a wide range of issues, including stress, depression, anxiety, and family conflict.

Through Quick Access Advice, people can connect with qualified counselors for a free, immediate, and brief counseling session ranging from 50 minutes to an hour.

“By providing brief, solution-oriented style therapy, individuals can come for just one, two or three sessions, it just depends on their needs. And we know a lot of people just need tools to be able to move on when they have a little hiccup in their life, ”Daku said.


She said Family Service Saskatchewan can also help connect people who have larger issues with a long-term counselor in their community.

Family Service Saskatchewan has been providing quick-access counseling services in over 23 communities since 2019 in partnership with 11 agencies.

In addition to walk-in sessions, it now offers virtual and telephone counseling sessions due to the pandemic.

Daku said this option has also helped them reach more people in rural communities who may not have the same access to services as those in urban centers.

“We wanted to be able to open the doors to those who are rural. We know most of Saskatchewan is rural, so we’re just providing the opportunity, ”she said.

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