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Nancy and Tilden Spencer received Family Service’s highest honor, the Alfred H. Smiley Philanthropic Award, named after the founder of Associated Charities of Redlands, which later became Family Service.

The Family Service Association awarded Nancy and Tilden Spencer of Redlands the agency’s highest honor, the Alfred H. Smiley Philanthropic Award, via a lively Zoom Donor Appreciation Forum on May 6.

A visionary and philanthropist with a firm belief in service to others, Alfred H. Smiley founded what is now known as Family Service in 1898. With the mission to “reduce poverty, encourage self-sufficiency and promote the dignity of all served”. The award was established in 2009 to honor not only Smiley’s work, but also the work of many others who have come after him.

Nancy Spencer is one of the organization’s past presidents, having served from 1998 to 2000. Her dedication to family service over countless years includes serving as second vice president and secretary as well as many other abilities. in support of programs, services and events. Tilden Spencer is a retired teacher who worked at Mentone School for 34 years.

Family Service is not only the beneficiary of the couple’s time and talent. The YMCA, Kimberly Crest, and Pathway Church are examples of other organizations that Nancy and Tilden are involved with.

“As community, reliable, generous and long-time supporters of Family Service, they deserved this prestigious honor,” said Kyra Stewart, Executive Director.

Mission Pediatrics’ Dr. Timothy Watson was recognized for his generous support of the agency’s Food Box Drive-Thru initiative. The program developed in response to the realities of COVID-19 has helped provide 1,000 families with access to much-needed food. Watson practices in a historic building at 114 Vine Street, from which Family Service once administered services. A history buff, Watson has ensured that the renovations to the structure are in keeping with the building’s original look and feel. The ambience helps provide a whimsical and child-friendly environment for the attentive service it provides.

The second recipient of the Answering the Call award was the Will J. Reid Foundation, which funded motel vouchers and food in 2020 with two generous grants. Char Burgess, a long-time board member and Family Service advocate, explains the foundation as follows:

“The Will J. Reid Foundation was established by my father upon the death of his favorite uncle, Will J. Reid in 1956. It is a family foundation, based in Long Beach with members made up of my cousins ​​and me. -same. We donate to environmental concerns, underserved communities, educational institutions and libraries. We are five vice-presidents and have our own interests. Mine is mostly Redlands and that’s how Family Service has made $ 183,500 since 2003. We plan to increase it to $ 200,000 this year. We are very happy to be able to support quality institutions like Family Service.

With contributions from the Will J. Reid Foundation and other partners, Family Service provided 686 motel vouchers to 309 families representing 133 children. Recipients were protected and removed from the looming dangers of homelessness as they worked with a case manager to find alternative housing options.

“These are our 800 loyal donors who, in addition to funders and government partners, provide the funding necessary for Family Service to continue to serve as a safety net for those in need in our region,” said Lori Hatfield. , president of the board of directors. “We couldn’t be more grateful to our supporters who year after year trust us and believe in our mission. “

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