Family Service offers mental and emotional support as the new school year approaches in Uvalde

The San Antonio nonprofit has offered a variety of counseling resources in Uvalde since 2000.

UVALDE, Texas – Nearly three months after the Uvalde tragedy and Family Service continues to help affected community members navigate the complex journey of grief.

The San Antonio-based nonprofit was one of many organizations on the ground in Uvalde helping families following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that left 19 children and children dead. two teachers.

Family Service offers immediate and long-term advice. The presence of the association in Uvalde dates back two decades.

“They’re still in the aftermath of the tragedy and there’s so much trying to figure out what it all means,” said Mary Garr, CEO of Family Service.

Garr said everyone experiences grief differently. It’s a journey she noted can take years to learn how to cope well.

Family Service’s team of counselors meet with families and children at a crucial time, when fear and anxiety are fueled by the return to school in the coming weeks.

“Help them to understand that it is necessary to return to the school environment or to go to school remotely and for some it is even to look at schools in other districts so as not to trigger emotions or grief. Just how to find a way forward,” Garr said.

This emotional and mental support is needed more than ever in a community torn apart by tragedy.

“Having that ability to meet face to face and sit at a table or sit on the floor with the kids, play therapy or conversations and just find ways to connect, that’s a ongoing process of coping with trauma and grief and then moving on.”

Family Service in Uvalde is located at 3100 E Main St in the Walmart. Those wishing to receive support for mental health and other social service needs can enter through the door outside the entrance to the house and the pharmacy.

Visit their website to learn more.

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