Family Planning: Why Kaduna Women Avoid Nearest Outlets


From Sola Ojo, Kaduna

A “Consumer Market for Family Planning (CM4FP)” study conducted by the Society for Family Health (SFH) found that most women in Kaduna State bypass outlets close to them to access health services. FP services because of their confidentiality needs.

CM4FP research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation implemented by SFH in partnership with Population Services and the Federal Ministry of Health.

The study that was conducted in some selected communities in Kaduna State and three other States (Lagos, Abia and Niger) is a pilot overview of FP supply and demand from the perspective of consumers in the country. Nigeria.

The results of the study which were presented during a dissemination meeting with critical stakeholders in Kaduna over the weekend showed that proximity and quality of service are the main considerations that determine consumers’ choice in family planning services.

This study tested the feasibility and utility of a range of innovative approaches to capture information on the overall family planning market in selected locations – mostly urban – in the aforementioned states.

Speaking at the multi-stakeholder dissemination meeting in Kaduna, Head of Reproductive Health Practice Area. SFH, Dr Nwala Anthony added that the survey was designed for four (4) rounds (one per quarter) of data collection.

But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the research ended in the third round, the medical expert hinted at his listeners.

“The research carried out a longitudinal multiple-round census of family planning outlets with a repeated cross-sectional household survey that directly links family planning users to outlets where they recently obtained their method. most recent family planning, ”he said.

Nwala noted that the study aimed to influence the development of the FP sector in Nigeria and generate more discussion on the state and other stakeholders to take action and expand research in this area.

“The purpose of this research is to elicit factors that the state government and other stakeholders can look for to help improve FP in the state.

“So the first thing is why do women go out to get these services and based on our interactions with them, the issue of privacy and confidentiality is very important to them.

“This means that the government should look at building the capacity of providers in all service delivery points.

“There should be more youth-friendly training for providers. They should be trained in better service delivery. Like I said, privacy and confidentiality are issues. Women should be able to trust the providers around them and anything that is secret to them should be kept a secret from them ”. Dr Nwala added.

Earlier, Kaduna Ministry of Health Commissioner Dr Amina Muhammad Baloni, who spoke through the ministry’s director of planning and research, Sunday Joseph, praised the SFH for the reviewed and ensured state government commitment to improve FP programs in the state.

Already, Kaduna is one of the few states to have consecutively allocated budget lines for family planning or birth spacing, as it is commonly referred to in the state in its annual budget.

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