Family planning training is vital | PNG Loop

Yesterday, MSPNG held a graduation ceremony where 12 frontline NCD Provincial Health Authority trainees from different health facilities in the nation’s capital received certificates from the Deputy Director of Public Health Services, the Dr Robin Oge.

The graduation, while small, was significant as these frontline responders continue their journey to save people and help their communities.

Dr Oge emphasized, “I think one of the most important parts of this training is that you are now able to help the women and men who come to your clinics to make better choices for their health, that of their families and their children. ”

Marie Stopes PNG Country Director, Angelyn Famudi said the training is competent in terms of family planning and counseling, saying family planning in the country is very vital.

“As we are all aware of the tribal warfare with the land chiefs and just being able to provide a future for the child we bring into the world in terms of ability.

“We focus on inserting implants, removing implants, demonstrating condoms and preventing infections, especially through our young teens. This is part of the capacity building we do through the PHA, so I would like to congratulate all the beneficiaries of this program,” said Famudi.

MSPNG Director of Service Delivery, Dr. Andrew Kirima explained that since MSPNG’s inception in 2006, each year they would reach over 40,000 people and also provide them with family planning and other services. necessary health.

MSPNG works with the respective ASPs in some provinces to provide these services.

“Our dedicated embedded nurses across all 13 provincial hospitals have helped us reach so many clients since 2021. We believe that with this partnership and with the seeds we are planting today and in the future, more trainees and health workers will benefit from this programme,” said Dr Kirima

Deputy Director of Public Health Services Dr. Robin Oge officiated at the milestone celebration, who commended the nurses for their exemplary work in the field and their certified achievements.

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