Family planning satisfied with health, budget allocations for education



Finance Minister Colm Imbert read the 2021/2022 budget at the Maison Rouge on October 4 PHOTO WITH THE AUTHORIZATION OF THE BUREAU OF PARLIAMENT –

The Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) said health actors must work together to improve the quality of health care in TT.

In a statement, he said he was satisfied with the government’s allocation of $ 6.886 billion to education and $ 6.395 billion to health in its 2022 budget.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert presented the budget to the House on October 4.

“Prioritizing these two key development areas is a step in the right direction and paves the way for the participation and support of other stakeholders in the public and private sectors. “

The press release says the FPATTs helped bring national attention to sexual and reproductive health from the late 1950s onwards.

“Our contribution to the health sector continues today and our commitment remains unwavering as we recognize the need to intensify outreach efforts in response to the changing needs of the population at large and, in particular, as a result of the pandemic. ”

He said the covid19 pandemic has highlighted critical gaps in the accessibility of health care infrastructure to vulnerable populations.

“Over the past year, FPATT has stepped out of its comfort zone and pivoted some of its traditional approaches to ensure continued access to clinical and other support services.

“With the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), we launched our telehealth services which facilitated virtual access to a medical consultation when Covid-related movement restrictions or other barriers to physical access are hampered. a client’s ability to present at a static location.

He said the European Union-United Nations (EU-UN) Spotlight Initiative, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Hotline and psychological support services have been launched. It provides services to survivors and those at risk of violence.

He said FPATT has also worked with Rose IT to develop a bilingual mobile app that provides health and humanitarian information and support to peer educators. The app was launched on Monday.

“During this fiscal year, among other projects, FPATT will launch a diagnostic clinic at our Oxford Street headquarters to provide ultrasounds, vasectomies and EKGs, among other diagnostic services.”

With the ease of movement restrictions, FPATT will restart its outreach programs and provide services to communities where people feel most comfortable.

“We stand ready to work with all stakeholders in the private and public sectors to develop and implement policies and programs to improve overall health infrastructure.”

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