Family members of murder-suicide victim speak out

EL PASO, Texas — A family member of a murder-suicide victim speaks out days after the incident.

On Tuesday, a 911 call was received regarding a domestic disturbance in a neighborhood in northeast El Paso.

The call reported a couple arguing and the sound of gunfire.

El Paso agents found Elena Patricia Constable and Ian Constable dead inside the house. Both were 32 years old.

At the time of the incident, the couple’s four children were at home. They are 2, 9, 11 and 13 years old.

None of the children were injured. Investigators believe Ian fired a handgun at Elena and then shot and killed himself.

Oscar Maguregui, a cousin of Elena, said the family continues to deal with the tragedy.

“It’s still pretty fresh at this point. It’s only been three days and so I think a lot of us think we’re going to wake up and it’s all going to be a dream as cliche as it sounds, but that still something we just don’t believe at this point,” Maguregui said.

He added that the couple’s four children are still processing the tragic event.

“I don’t think they fully understand what’s going on. They’re kids and you still have to go through the grieving process and it’s still early days and I don’t think they understand what’s going on,” he said. said Maguregui in an emotional interview.

He said, Elena grew up in El Paso and Chaparral. She graduated from Gadsden High School. He described her as a “tough girl” in a house full of boys.

She joined the military four years ago, but recently became a veteran. Maguregui said she loved this country and wanted to be an example to her children.

After retirement, Elena planned to devote her time entirely to her children.

He said Elena was his kids’ biggest cheerleader. His children were actively involved in extracurricular activities like Jiu Jitsu and soccer.

“She was meant to be a mother to me, and she loved her children very much and it was her main job to love her children,” Maguregui added.

He told ABC-7 that his family’s top priority is to help the children and keep them going.

According to him, the two families will work together to take care of the children.

“The main goal is to help these four children regain their sense of normalcy, regain a sense of routine and get through this,” he said.

Family members started a GoFundMe to help all four children.

“We love Elena very much. I will miss her. She was going to miss us all. We are a very close family and it hurts, but as I said, the main objective is to help the four children. is all we can do at this point,” he said.

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