Egyptian Ministry of Health publishes figures on family planning services in the 1st half of 2022

Family planning – Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO – July 28, 2022: The Ministry of Health and Population announced on Wednesday that the total number of visits made by women to family planning units reached 11,370,287; including visits by 1,166,735 women who requested the service for the first time.

Regarding the number of birth control items disbursed, it recorded 14,228,298 of various types. Additionally, birth control services were provided to 615,545 women in the first half of 2022 through mobile clinics and medical caravans.

Women visited 771 birth caravans and made a total of 13,745 visits to mobile clinics. The ministry noted that 185,942 of these women are new to seeking these free birth control services.

As for the number of women who visited family planning clinics affiliated with civil society and actually acquired birth control items, it stands at 98,729. The number of such clinics is 484.

This is in addition to the completion of 8,638,730 home visits by 490,705 rural women community leaders to sensitize women on family planning. In addition, 151,360 reproductive health lectures were held in community clubs.

To help create jobs, the ministry trained 101,884 women in handicrafts and organized 2,381 fairs for them to showcase their products. In addition, 969 anti-illiteracy courses were organized for adult rural women.

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