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ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. – A new park here will be under construction soon, and it will be a good place to have fun.

The new dog park, which will be located in the Memorial Park sector on Rodman Avenue, has been in preparation for several years. The idea was conceived at the end of 2019 and developed into a formal proposal to the facility management at the Spring 2020 Property Planning Board, which is the decision-making body for matters relating to property and facilities in the ‘installation.

Voting members of the RPPB include leaders from the major tenants of the facility and are led by the Senior Facility Commander, currently U.S. Army Support Command Major General Chris Mohan, and Garrison Commander , currently Colonel Todd Allison.

The only problem was finding the perfect location for the puppies to play.

“During the Spring 2020 RPPB, the board of directors initially decided to create a dog park on the site of an old house in the East Circle area,” said Ben Ferrell, senior planner in the works department. RIA audiences. However, the garrison received comments from tenants of military family housing that a dog park there could become a nuisance to families in the Eastern Circle, so the facility management listened and carried out. a more in-depth analysis of the main areas that would work best for everyone. “

One of the primary goals of leadership, Ferrell said, was to ensure the location was clearly visible and convenient, best meeting the needs of families and staff at Rock Island Arsenal.

“After the Eagle Point and Deer Crossing neighborhoods were completed, senior facility officials – many of whom live on the island – realized that a dog park would be popular equipment for families Army Family Housing “said Ferrell.

In the summer of 2021, the garrison identified several locations for a dog park along Rodman Avenue. The facility management has chosen the Memorial Park site and the RPPB will soon be voting on the site request.

The proposed location replaces the outdoor basketball court and old playground equipment on the east side of Memorial Park, which already had to be demolished before the choice to install a dog park in the area, Ferrell said.

“When developing the development plan for the area of ​​the facility in 2019, the tenants of RIA agreed that the area east of the parking lot would be one of the areas reserved for new community facilities to serve AFH families and installation staff, ”Ferrell said. “The basketball court and old playing field equipment were approved for demolition during the Spring 2020 RPPB, and the playing field equipment should have been replaced if it had not been demolished due to developing security concerns. “

According to Ferrell, Memorial Park already has more modern amenities on the west side of the parking lot, and each living area also has its own smaller playground.

Ferrell said the basketball court was deteriorating and would need a substantial investment to fix it. However, at the moment there is an indoor basketball court at the fitness center and an outdoor court in the Eagle Point neighborhood available to the RIA community.

More importantly, this is all part of the total Army Family Concept aimed at recruiting, retaining and resilient military families and civilians, he said. Quality of life matters, and many families include their pets in that equation, he added.

“The installation of the dog park meets one of the most popular requests of AFH families,” he said. “The location adjacent to Rodman Avenue at Memorial Park will prove convenient for families and staff who may already be visiting the park for its other amenities, and the dog park will also be within sight of the playgrounds and other amenities so the whole family can enjoy an outdoor outing together.

Official DPW figures show that the demolition of the basketball court and old playgrounds is expected to cost around $ 16,500, plus an additional $ 60,000 for the installation of the dog park.

Ferrell said a 2022 completion date is the current plan.

“Preparations for demolition have already started and work on the site will start soon,” he said. “The location of the dog park will be dealt with by the RPPB this fall and the DPW is already developing plans for the site. If the site is approved by the RPPB, we expect construction to begin in the spring of 2022 and finish shortly thereafter.

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