Distribution of fresh produce at the Salvation Army Family Service Center in Peoria


PEORIA (HOI) – The Salvation Army in Peoria on Wednesday donated free vegetables to the central Illinois community.

Organizers say they were blessed with an abundance of fresh broccoli and celery donated by a local store last weekend.

Their goal is to give all the vegetables to as many members of the public as possible while the food is still fresh.

“We’re just trying to find more ways to give back to the community because we have a lot, a lot of food and we’re looking to do it more often to give back to the community.”

-Rose Shelton, Food Services Coordinator

“We hope that through this, we can reach a lot of people in the community who can pass through. They will just come and go through, we’ll make it easier and just get started. [the free food] in their trunk and they can continue. “

-Rachael Cansino, director of social services for the three counties

The Salvation Army in Peoria expects to have more free food gifts in the near future.

Anyone who knows someone who is interested in donated food, but cannot make it to the Family Service Center at 417 NE Adams St., is encouraged to contact the Salvation Army Peoria for information on the deposit.

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