Danielle Lloyd welcomes two members of her family before the birth of her daughter


Danielle Lloyd, who is expecting her first daughter with husband Michael O’Neill, is running out of time as she says it could take several weeks before she gives birth.

In this week’s column, the 37-year-old star opens up about her Halloween traditions as a family and why she stayed away from home with her mom and dad in Liverpool.

Hi guys!

I hope that you all are ok. We all had a great week and our doggie Fendi has finally given birth to her two puppies! She had a Caesarean in Liverpool so I stayed with my mom and dad. Michael stayed at home with the boys all week.

She went to have the puppies first on Tuesday, but by the time we got there her blood levels had risen so she wasn’t ready to have them. It was a bit of a waiting game, but she is doing well now and has wonderful puppies. It was even more exciting for Fendi as we had no idea how many she would have.

It was quite exhausting, as she couldn’t be left alone overnight in case she went into labor. So daddy and I took turns having sex with her and she snores so loud! The first night I stayed with her I didn’t sleep and told my parents about it.

Danielle said her calves were killing after wearing heels at her baby shower

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They definitely thought I was overreacting, but my dad quickly picked it up. He was like, “Oh my God, I know what you mean!” Its snoring shakes the room. We are only going to keep one of the puppies. Mom and Dad also have a dog, which is very shy and shy. I think he’ll be glad Fendi doesn’t stay there full time! In fact, he threw up the first night because he is very anxious with the other dogs.

It was a little weird being away from home this week. I’m so used to rushing around, doing school errands and doing little things around the house. I get bored a lot when I’m just sitting down, but it was really nice spending time with mom and dad. I also got to see my niece Bella and my cousin Gabriella’s baby. She is so cute and the best hug ever!

Danielle Fendi's bitch gave birth to two puppies
Danielle Fendi’s bitch gave birth to two puppies


Last week I did my gestational diabetes test and haven’t received anything yet, which is great news. I am so happy about it. I had to go see my midwife this week, but due to Fendi’s Caesarean, I had to postpone our appointment. I also had my first physiotherapy appointment for my back pain which was OK.

To be honest, they said there’s not much they can do at this point. If things are really bad, they said they can give me crutches, but it won’t be very long until our little girl is here now. It could be a matter of a few weeks. Uh!

Danielle said she got to hang out with her cousin Gabriella's baby
Danielle said she got to hang out with her cousin Gabriella’s baby

When I was at Mom and Dad’s house I was in really bad pain and I texted Michael saying, “What if this happened at the same time as Fendi?” Imagine if I give birth here? You would miss the birth!

I can’t wait now. I really feel exhausted. I don’t know if it’s because I’m coming to the end or if it’s because I stayed awake all night with Fendi last week.

Then again, whenever I’m away from home, I really struggle to settle down properly and relax. Being a mom of four, I always do something, so it’s probably because I’m finally getting some fresh air.

Danielle was able to spend time with her mom and dad and niece Bella
Danielle was able to spend time with her mom and dad and niece Bella

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This week I got a Nuby Rapid Cool, which is basically a flask that warms the milk to the right temperature. This will be really good for those times when I’m on the go with the kids and you’re stressed out trying to find a place to warm your milk.

But that does it all for you! I’ve never used this one before, but it looks amazing. I know it will be a real lifeline in the weeks to come.


Danielle Lloyd opened up about her son Harry's battle with ADHD
Danielle Lloyd opened up about her son Harry’s battle with ADHD

As many of you know, our boy Harry has ADHD, so we have our challenges. As a mom, I manage it differently because I know how to manage it on a daily basis. He fights every day, and it could be as easy as tying his shoelaces. He has to stick to a routine every day – he will have to do certain things every morning and it has to be done in a certain order.

He may also have unpredictable emotional crises. We learn something new every day with Harry and what triggers his reactions. We recently found out that eating ketchup can set off an explosion, which is one of her favorite things, of course! It’s a shame, but it will benefit him in the long run.


The boys are so excited for Halloween this year. Ronnie threw his first Halloween party today and Archie went to his first high school Halloween nightclub last night. We will definitely go for a ride or a treat, they love sweets too much not to enjoy them. We also plan to go pumpkin picking on the weekends.

We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to do it if I was still at Liverpool, but Michael would have taken them on his own. He really is such a good father. There aren’t many men who can take care of four young boys on their own all week.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Danielle x

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