Covid Christmas dinner rules this year and how many family members you can invite

Christmas is just around the corner, with families from across the country walking into the large grocery store and inviting relatives over for dinner.

But how many people are you allowed to have in your home this Christmas following the new restrictions introduced this week?

Well, Christmas dinner will be a bit smaller than before the pandemic this year, with some restrictions in place on home visits.

Currently, people are allowed to meet in a private house if there are no more than four separate households, including yours.

This means that it is possible to invite three more families to your home this Christmas.

Christmas dinner

If you plan on heading to your local pub or restaurant for a Christmas Eve drink, a maximum of six people over the age of 18 will be allowed per table and multiple table reservations will not be permitted.

This will be table service only, so no standing at the bar and a distance of one meter must be respected between the tables.

You must wear a face cover when you are not at your table, and if you are staying in a hotel, you will need proof of immunity to access bars and restaurants.

Christmas markets will continue as outdoor events have no number limit.

You do not need a vaccination or recovery certificate for outdoor events, but other protective measures should be in place.

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However, organized indoor events and activities are limited to 50% of a site’s total capacity and you must show proof of immunity to attend.

Events should be fully seated and face coverings should be worn except for eating or drinking.

Accompanied children do not need to prove their immunity.

Weddings can continue without a number limit.

Nightclubs will remain closed until January 9, so there won’t be any big Stephens Day parties or even New Years.

If you plan to cut those Christmas calories, you will need to have proof of immunity at a gym or recreation center.

You don’t need it to access a swimming pool in a gym or recreation room, or to go to a free-standing pool.

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