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According to the Chinese state newspaper Global Times, the country’s cabinet repealed three regulations related to family planning Strategies.

The changes relate to the regulations on social maintenance costs, technical services in family planning and another related to family planning work for migrants.

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The report adds that the changes were made in order to “adapt to the new situation of Chinese people and to economic and social development,” as some were developed when China a child policy was still in effect.

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The report claimed that the move was aimed at eliminating “outdated policies” related to the 2001 and 2004 regulations on administrative technical family planning services and a law enacted in 2002 for social support costs along with another related to regulation. of 2009 on technical family planning services.

China announced in May that couples would be allowed to have three children as part of a major policy change. The decision was approved by the president Xi Jinping.

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In 2015, authorities removed the one-child limit allowing couples to have two children. In August, China officially allowed couples to have three children to boost birth-rate. Chinese lawmakers from the National People’s Congress (NPC) have given their approval.

According to reports, China’s birth rate has declined for four consecutive years as the country struggles to cope with declining fertility rates amid an aging population.

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