Biglaw Firm Offers New Pandemic Benefits, Including Fertility and Family Planning Benefits



At Above the Law, we know how difficult it can be to have children and return to work successfully, which is why we make a habit of applauding the expansion of Biglaw Lawyers’ parental leave programs. , especially if they are gender neutral and applicable to all company staff, from staff members to associates. What we seldom have the opportunity to hire are companies that offer health benefits that include fertility treatments and family planning services – not because these benefits don’t exist, but because they do. are not made public as often as parental leave plans.

Finding help conceiving or freezing your sperm or eggs can be complicated, the adoption process can be overwhelming and paying for any of these things can be financially out of reach, even for Biglaw employees. . Therefore, benefits covering fertility and family planning services are considered major benefits.

Which firm is ready to intervene and support its employees and collaborators in the creation of a family? These are Loeb & Loeb, and here is a description of the specialist services the company will provide through WINFertility:

As of October 1, 2021, the company introduces an important new benefit for building the family. We have partnered with WINFertility, a specialized concierge service that provides comprehensive fertility benefit management care, education and supervision to administer fertility benefits with or without an infertility diagnosis; and, moreover, not covered by the company’s medical plans. Services include in vitro fertilization, egg and sperm freezing, adoption and surrogacy. The benefit provides a lifetime maximum of $ 30,000 for these services, using the guidance of WINFertility nurse managers who provide clinical expertise and make sure you understand your benefits.

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These benefits – coupled with enhanced company benefits that have yet to be announced, such as a staff parental leave policy, a more generous staff salary retention policy, a Medicare / transition benefit package. retirement planning and a more robust wellness initiative – part of Loeb plans to participate in Biglaw’s benefits arms race to attract and retain employees.

Congratulations to Loeb & Loeb for their new range of family benefits. This is something we will be keeping an eye on as businesses continue to respond to demands for work-life balance in the new “post-pandemic” normal. Hopefully, your business decides to offer some important employee benefit policies like these soon if it doesn’t already.

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