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Thrissur: Aadhil, brother of Abeera, one of the four family members who died by suicide in Kodungallur here, has made allegations against the siblings of the latter’s husband, Ashif.

According to Aadhil, the family was forced to take an extreme step due to increasing pressure from Ashif’s family members.

Ashif (41), from Kodungallur, his wife Abeera and their children Azra (14) and Anainnuneessa (7) were found dead in their bedroom on the first floor of the house on Sunday. The police discovered that they had died after inhaling poison gas. The cops also found a suicide note and according to this Ashif was in a huge financial crisis.

Ashil plans to file a lawsuit against Ashif’s family members. “The financial burden was caused by the real estate transactions of his father and his younger sister’s husband. My brother-in-law only learned of this burden after his father died,” he said.

Aadhil said Ashif had a salary of around Rs 1.5 lakh and spent it on settling liabilities. “Every financial burden was over his head. Neither siblings nor other relatives were there to share them,” he said.

Although Abeera was aware of it, she never told them about it, he said. “We would have sold land and saved it from crisis,” he said. Aadhil claimed that his sister will never accept suicide and Ashif allegedly killed her and the children before committing the act.

The family were found dead in their bedroom when Ashif’s sister, who was downstairs, came upstairs to look for them as none of them came out of the room even after 9am morning Sunday. The door was locked from the inside. The four were found dead after breaking down the door. The parents informed that the family had smoked something that was standing on a container inside the room.

(Suicide is not a solution to any problem. Please seek help from a mental health expert if you are in distress. Contact the toll free number: 1056)

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