All the unexpected jobs of royals, from actor to interior designer

They may be members of the British Royal Family, but that doesn’t mean the Windsors haven’t had a variety of professions outside of their company life.

In fact, many royals past and present have worked in alternative fields, from Princess Diana teaching a kindergarten to the Duchess of Sussex who played a starring role in the American legal drama. Suit.

Additionally, many members of the royal family have dabbled in book writing, while others have been involved in the art and fashion worlds.

Here’s everything you need to know about the non-royal jobs the Royal Family have held over the years.

Meghan Markle was a Hollywood actor

Meghan pictured alongside the Suit to throw

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Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan played the role of Rachel Zane in the hit American television series, Suit. In the series, Rachel has an intermittent relationship with Michael Ross, played by Patrick J Adams.

Meghan was on the program for seven seasons, after which she quit acting and embarked on a life of service alongside her husband, Prince Harry.

However, the couple stepped down from their roles in the Royal Family last year and have since expanded their philanthropic work while also working on various documentaries and media projects.

Princess Eugenie works for an art gallery

Eugenie photographed on her wedding day.

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Princess Eugenie may not be in the spotlight as some of her colleagues in the royal family are, but as the 11th to the throne, she remains an important part of the royal institution.

In addition to carrying out her royal duties, she is also the associate director of the Hauser & Wirth gallery in London, recounting Harper’s Bazaar that the work involves him in “planning special projects” for the gallery and “supporting gallery artists and managing events”.

Kate Middleton worked at Jigsaw

The Duchess of Cambridge was deputy buyer

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Before marrying a prince, Kate Middleton worked as an accessories buyer at Jigsaw. The 24-year-old worked for a year in the fashion chain before moving to Party Pieces, the event organization company run by her parents, Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton.

The Duchess of Cornwall has worked in interior design

Camilla reportedly arrived late for work and was fired

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Before Camilla married Prince Charles, she would have worked for the interior design company Colefax and Fowler.

According to Sunday Times, Camilla was fired from her role as an assistant at the company after showing up late one morning after attending a party the night before.

In an interview with the publication, the Duchess’s former colleague Imogen Taylor said: “There were a lot of newbies working for us, even Camilla.”

Taylor then referred to their boss at the time, who was known for his temper. “The Duchess of Cornwall was an assistant who fell victim to one of [his] tantrums … I think she came in late after going to a dance, ”she said.

Princess Diana worked in a nursery

The teenager was working as a teaching assistant when she met Prince Charles

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The late Princess of Wales was working at a nursery when she started dating her future husband Prince Charles.

Diana was only 18 when she was employed as a nursery assistant at Young England School in Pimlico in 1980. She became engaged to Prince Charles at the age of 19.

Asked why she accepted the job during her engagement interview with Prince Charles, she said: “Because I love kids, that’s really why. It just seemed to please me.

Prince William worked as an air ambulance pilot

The Duke of Cambridge flew emergency medical service missions by helicopter

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Prince William has held a variety of professions over the years, having served in the military and working for three years as a search and rescue pilot for the RAF. However, he also worked as an air ambulance pilot.

Between March 2015 and July 2017, the Duke performed helicopter emergency medical service missions for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

“When I put on my air ambulance hat and come here and get on the plane, I’m part of the team,” he said of the role in 2016.

Sarah Ferguson writes books

The Duchess of York is an author

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The Duchess of York is an established author, having written several books including a memoir, novel, guide to weight loss and several children’s titles.

His latest book is called His heart as a compass, a historic love story that takes place in London in 1965 and follows the story of the “free-spirited Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott” who abandons the aristocracy to pursue her own dreams.

Prince Harry served in the British Army

The Duke of Sussex was in the military for 10 years

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Prior to meeting Meghan, Prince Harry was devoted to the British Army, where he worked for 10 years, reaching the rank of captain and undertaking two tours of Afghanistan.

He has also been involved in a number of projects and initiatives for the military, including volunteering with his personnel recovery unit in London, hiking with wounded servicemen at the South Pole and the Arctic. , and supporting a number of adventure challenges through its Endeavor Fund.

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