3 members of the family killed at the Iowa State Park campsite were fell, stabbed and strangled

(AP) – Three family members killed in a shooting last month in an East Iowa state park were shot, stabbed and / or strangled, according to the results of the autopsy published Thursday.

Tyler Schmidt, 42, died of a ball injury and “multiple injuries by sharp force”, while his wife, Sarah Schmidt, 42, died of multiple injuries by sharp force, said The Iowa Ministry of Public Security in a press release. Their 6 -year -old daughter Lula Schmidt died of a gunshot wound and a strangulation, officials said.

The deaths of the three family members were tried as homicides. The 9 -year -old Schmidt son, who was with his family during the campsite trip, survived the attack without physical injuries, but the investigators did not specify if he was in the tent at the time of the offensive.

The department confirmed on Thursday that the killer was Anthony Sherwin, 23, of Lavista, Nebraska, who died of a self-inflicted ball injury after the family was attacked early in the morning of July 22 in their tent at the campsite from the Caves Macuketa State Park. Sherwin camped in the park with his parents at the time of the attack, according to the police and Sherwin’s mother.

The investigators said that all the evidence collected confirm that Sherwin acted alone, but the police did not reveal a mobile for the murders. Mitch Mortévedt, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Ministry of Public Security, said on Thursday that investigators “have indications on the grounds”, but do not plan to disclose this information.

The police who invaded the park at around 180 miles (290 kilometers) east of monks following the shooting found the body of Sherwin outside the campsite but in a wooded area of ​​the park.

A memorial to celebrate the life of the Schmidt took place Tuesday in their hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa, attracting around 200 people.


The journalist of Associated Press Michael Tarm in Chicago contributed to this report.

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